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2019 Fall Show

Rumi Tree Fall Show

The premise for the Fall Show was to organize the exhibition around the season beginning with its essence and colors. Using a collection of copper jewelry, small bowls, trays and boxes from overseas as a centerpiece the work was chosen from local artists expanding upon the theme. There is a handsome display of Barbara Ragalyi’s beloved series of rocks. Barbara is a colorist and through her fine and careful compositions invites the viewer into a cozy interior, comforting as we move indoors with the shorter days and cooler temperatures. Two large abstract pieces by Darleene Nelson show her expert handling of water media on paper. Using a process of exploration and choice, she offers us a glimpse into the artist’s private moments in the studio. Darleene moved to Sedona from Michigan where she accumulated an extensive resume of shows, collections and prizes for her water media work. The pastels of Patti Childers brings us to the landscapes of Colorado and Italy. She imbues the surface with a generous amount of pigment illuminating the plane with a glow that captivates her audience. Yellow Tree could be a work from the backyard of Sedona and stands alive and regal in its fall color displayed above a tray of pomegranates gently reminding us of home and hearth. Two oil paintings by Nancy Ruby, a still life of a bundle of grass and a landscape with tufts of golden dry grasses on a hillside by Tuzigoot are examples of her ability to render the real world and embark us on a journey into our emotions. There are several wall art pieces by Wendy Bialek. Her weavings display the fine craft quality of expert capability and sense of color learned from a lifetime of study beginning at a young age in Washington D.C. in the galleries of the Smithsonian. Where for hours at a time she explored the use of textiles from cultures around the world. Sahar Paydar, artist in residence and owner of the gallery is showing her delicate and serene Aspen series carefully painted in oil lending a surreal approach to the familiar trunks of eyes she enjoys in the higher elevation of Telluride. Rumi Tree Gallery strives to always be devoted to working at bringing the community, art and artists together, with the goal of enhancing our being, awareness and appreciation of all our lives through the joy of expression. The show runs through December,2019. Please visit Rumi Tree during open hours or call for an appointment. Tuesday-Friday 11-5 and Saturday 11-3. 40 Soldiers Pass Road, suite 12, Sedona; 928-300-1694

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