Ongoing Featured Artist

Artist and Gallery Owner, 
Sahar Paydar

Sahar Paydar, curator and owner of Rumi Tree Art Gallery, is also an established and prolific artist herself. Sahar began drawing and painting at the young age of six and attended high school for gifted artists. She continued her formal education with a bachelor of arts diploma in graphic design from Art and Architecture University in Tehran, Iran.

A longtime resident of Sedona, Arizona, Sahar's intention to create a gallery experience for the community was to bring new styles that inspire the expression of truth through art.  With respectful appreciation for the lifetime work of 13th-century Persian poet, Rumi—as well as his dedication to art and truth—Sahar created the Rumi Tree Art Gallery and opened its doors in 2018. Her professional life and love of art have merged to share the beauty of expression with all who visit Rumi Tree.​

Visit our Virtual Art Gallery to view Sahar's artwork. 

This is a subtle truth: whatever you love, you are.


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