Edward Lentsch

"My philosophy is based on the self-transformation attained through the creative process of making art. I think of it as pushing the envelope, to transcend the experience of art into a complex vocabulary of skills and techniques, creating a remarkable object that will, perhaps, have significant impact on humanity.


"The contribution of this achievement is in the process of creating art with a greater vision each time. I refer to the process as an aesthetic conclusion, and it is discovered with every sequential development of a new idea. The challenge is that each idea is more dynamic than the preceding one. 
"I believe also that art must be an inspired creation of those things that have a great purpose and genuine beauty. Because these things are not only physical but spiritual and intellectual too, we must qualify whether these things do, in fact, reflect that greatness. The meaning and the purpose of art defines who we are as a civilization and how we fundamentally define ourselves as individuals. It may be just a circular evolution of thought, but I truly believe that the meaning and purpose of art is revealed by the artist’s ability to know the way to what we may consider as that aesthetic conclusion."


Lentsch is an artist, author, architectural builder, designer, inventor and entrepreneur. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and works out of his studio in the Warehouse District. He is the founder of Artist’s League Studios, a Minneapolis-based think tank for emerging artists.