Patricia Saxton

"I'm forever astonished by nature..."

Patricia Saxton has spent a lifetime crafting all things art and writing. Exhibited widely throughout the New York/Philadelphia metropolitan areas before moving west, Saxton is an equally accomplished fine artist, illustrator and graphic designer.
Creative director of design firm Saxton Studio, she is also the author-illustrator of an inspirational design book and three best-selling children's books. Her approach across mediums is both intuitive and disciplined, with a palette that reflects a deep sensitivity for light and color. She currently lives and works in Sedona, Arizona.
From the artist: "Whether the delicious curve of a pear or a more raw, abstract landscape, I'm forever astonished by nature: her tones, resilience, restlessness, symbolism and sheer beauty. Combining that with an inherent interest in distilling the complex into the simple and finding peace amid chaos, my work mingles real with imaginary, bridging the physical and spiritual worlds."